Quality, change and leadership

The following is a post by Anne Davis, who presented a session on educational quality during GPET Research Week, 2014. Her session can be viewed here.

“Research week online – what a fabulous idea. I’m enjoying taking time out from my work day to listen to some amazing speakers, but having the flexibility to download and listen at another time. Thank you Louise and your team.

I’ve been reflecting on the Trustees Quality Update session on Monday. Whilst I knew the leadership aspects related to quality were important, it wasn’t until I was actually talking about them with the group that I really realised how important. Quality tools do need to go hand in hand with change tools to enable sustainable improvements. But without leadership neither the quality tools nor the change tools can be effective.

The McKinsey research and article I referred to is an initiative to help professional women at McKinsey & Company. They interviewed 85 women globally (and a few good men!) distilling the conversations to develop the Five Dimensions of Leadership I referred to. I hope you find the article valuable. Their report can be found here

Here are links to some of the other tools I have in my toolbox. Please call/email/SMS me – I’m very interested in how you may have tackled quality, change and leadership!”

Force field analysis

Speed thinking

5 Whys


Anne Davis

Manager Quality, GPET


0402 289 562


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